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In a modern industrial printing business, printing alone has long ceased to be the one and only topic. (For more information please refer to sections Media Centre and Lettershop.) Nevertheless, we still regard the production of sophisticated prints as our main area of expertise, which is verified by numerous prizes and awards.

This success bases itself on two essential factors:

1. technical equipment with state-of-the-art machinery, also in close cooperation with our main suppliers, for whom we regularly run practical tests as reference printer.

2. total control over the entire production process. Therefore we regard as essential that all production sectors work hand in hand under one roof: prepress, press and bindery.



druckpartner use 41 Heidelberg presses in sheet offset print:

  • 10-Farben-Speedmaster SM 106-10-P + Inpress Control
  • 8-Farben-Speedmaster SM 106-8-P + Lack + Inpress Control
  • 8-Farben-Speedmaster XL 105-8-P + Inpress Control
  • 8-Farben-Speedmaster XL 106-8-P + Inpress Control
  • 5-Farben-Speedmaster XL 105-5-L + Inpress Control

Prinect® Inpress Control 2, the spectrophotometric inline measuring system for maximum productivity, automatically measures and controls colour and register on-the-fly and at any speed. Integrated into the press, the measuring unit measures process colours, spot colours, and register in the print control strip. Any corrections required are directly forwarded to the Prinect Press Center® press control station for adjustment.

  • BOBST Commercial 106, die-cutting and embossing automat
  • Heidelberg OHZ, A1
  • Heidelberg OHT, A3
  • Heidelberg OHT, A4, with hot-foil embosser
  • Agfa AVALON N8-50

Moreover, druckpartner use most recent computer-aided printing assistants such as:

  • digitalisierte Farbbogenkontrolle CPC 21
  • Leitstand CPC 2000 mit Touch Screen
  • Colour Fast Solution
  • Farbkartuschensystem (lnkline) für automatische Druckfarbenzuführung
  • Mellow Colour RetroSpect® - Farbkontroll- und Verifizierungssoftware für Prozesssicherheit und Selbstzertifizierung nach ISO 12647

digital printing


HP Indigo press 5500: 6-colour print with white ink, cardboard option and ink mixing station for spot colours - the productive digital solution with the look and feel of offset print and true photo quality. Able to print 1.5 million colour pages, or more than 5 million in black and white, it is a highly universal production tool, impressively combining look and features of the traditional offset print with true photo quality. The indigo prints on materials up to a caliper of 450 microns (.0175 in), i.e. up to 450 gsm with single-weight papers. It utilizes HPs 6-colour IndiChrome ink mixing system and provides a white ink option. Spot colours can be mixed in our own in-house ink mixing station.

Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C7000 - the fastest bizhub colour production system. With an unmatched speed of 71 A4 prints per minute (b/w and colour), this system delivers even high-volume jobs in excellent quality. Automated double-sheet control and exceptional register accuracy make for trouble-free performance and flawless results. Five magazines of a capacity up to 7,500 sheets offer an impressive media versatility: larger than A3 for up to 300 gsm digital-print suitable offset papers. High-performance colour controller guarantee best colour management - all together a superlative pro system.

In b/w high-volume print we use the Canon Oce VarioPrint 6160 and a Konica Minolta bizhub 1250P.

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