post press

perfection after printing

post press

perfection after printing

The term "printing business" has, strictly speaking, ever been misleading. After all a print job is hardly ever done with the printing alone. And also in post press the spectrum is broad: from simple or highly complex folding techniques to a great variety of stitching, binding and glueing techniques. Its also our stuff who have an important part in the many manual working steps necessary for smallest print runs, promo editions or special requests.?Whatever you demand, we do it for you - with planning to schedule, highest precision and the experienced view for every detail. And should we once have not the right piece of equipment for the very special request, we surely find one who has: we have specialized and trusted partners, whose adherence to schedule and reliability we can always count on.

bookbinding technology

Who prints with high-performance machines has also to avoid bottlenecks in bindery. Therefore also modern bookbinding equipment comes natural for druckpartner.

  • 2 MBO folding machines
  • 1 Horizon Automatic Folder AF-406A folding machine
  • 1 Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 2 folding machine
  • Saddle stitcher with 8 stations, manual feeding, cover feeder and compensating stacker with automated sealing unit
  • 3 programmable flatbed cutters
  • machines for wire and comb binding
  • Whatever your printed matter needs we can do: creasing, perforating, die-cutting, quadruple hole punching, eyeleting, rounding corners ... (Should there be something we did not name here but that you are interested in, just ask us.)

stitchmaster ST 450

new saddle stitcher from Heidelberg

Since October 2008 we have been running Stitchmaster ST 450, the new saddle stitcher from Heidelberg - the most productive and versatile saddle stitcher in its performance class. It is the perfect addition to our equipment to improve our performance and serve an increasing number of orders, offering numerous new options by allowing frequent format changes, quick adapting to new or changed requests, small and large print runs or individually designed printed matter.


Contents matters more than the wrapping - this naturally holds true. There are however good reasons to give your printed matter a special touch or to steer the readers attention. This could be done by sheer understatement, subtly, or rather eye-catching. Available options are abundant - we know them all and utilize them expertly and and to the point for our customers. For some interesting samples click here.

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